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Mobile Web Design Maple Grove Mn

Mobile Web Design Maple Grove Mn

Since roughly half of your website visitors will visit from a mobile device (more than half for some websites), it is very practical to invest in mobile web design in Maple Grove, MN. Your website might look brilliant on a desktop or smart TV, but if you shrink the window or view your web pages from a mobile device, you might discover that your website looks very different - not a good different, either!

Mobile web design is both a science and an art form. For a fact; creating a website that is beautiful, easy to read, and easy to navigate on any size window or device is not easy! Still, if you are not optimizing for mobile devices, you are going to be missing out on a lot of traffic and a lot of potential sales. As you will see, a non-mobile-friendly website will usually perform worse in the SERPs as well. Now, let's talk about how you can get a website that kicks ass on both desktops and mobile.

Use the Content-First Strategy

Mobile-friendly web design is accomplished by making your content easily accessible across all platforms and screen sizes. For this reason, it always helps if you have content before you start building a design. A lot of our clients call us when they have nothing more than an idea, and while we are eager to get started for them, it can be a real challenge to work around nothing. Remember, it's always easier to build a mobile web design around existing content than it is to build content around a design.

If you are a content creator, or if you routinely work with content creators, you probably know that content is one of those things that you never know exactly where it's going to go until it's finished, no matter how well you plan! Therefore, using Lorem Ipsum or placeholder text, images, and videos is an option if you don't have existing content, and you plan to add it later. Still, your content might end up taking on a very different shape than you initially imagined - a shape that doesn't exactly fit your pre-defined design. That is why it is more practical to have your content for the pages you want to have designed first, and then build the design around the content.

Hire Watermark Design for Better Mobile Web Design in Maple Grove, MN

In addition to making beautiful and highly functional mobile-friendly web designs, our designs can significantly enhance your content. This is another reason why you should have your content before designing the page. If you already have your content, we can make it both responsive and better-looking by building our design around it and through it. This is true of text-based, image-based, and video-based content.

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Mobile Web Design Maple Grove Mn
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